Your #1 recruiting service is here! We are operating from 2013 sending players to USA to study and play sport they love.

It began as just helping 3-4 athletes to find school but demand for playing and studding grow a lot in last couple of years.

We will have players for coaches at every collegiate level, Volley Trend USA is very business oriented and most important thing to us is to introduce YOU to all our players and if you have desire to network thru Europe we will help you with that too. Our team is made of ex volleyball players people who played in USA, worked in USA and played in Europe. We have a lot of connections and we are open to share all that with you.

We promise we will give you what you need just please communicate to us. Also we are asking you to be professional and follow all rules. We do not have many rules, but we understand you do.

We are based in Belgrade Serbia, and for first couple years we will be focusing on Serbia and surrounding countries.

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