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In the USA, the best women volleyball players at ages 18 to 25 play on university teams, not on club teams. Each university has a volleyball team, and the players are students there. Universities also have teams in other sports, and players on all teams are student-athletes. They study for a high-quality education while training and competing in their sport. Volleyball players from other countries are welcome to be student-athletes in the USA.

Every student-athlete goes to classes, works on her studies, trains with her team, and competes against other university teams. Competition includes much travel. Some teams travel across the USA, flying thousands of kilometers. Other teams travel in smaller regions, mainly by bus.

If you have an athletic scholarship, all your major living expenses are paid by the university. The school pays for your housing, food, books, and volleyball expenses — including travel, shoes, training clothes, uniforms, equipment, and medical care. With new rules some Junior colleges can pay for your airfare and some NCAA Division 1 schools can give you “COST OF ATTENDENCE”. Cost of attendance is ones a year check for extra spending money and most of the time you can do whatever you want with it. Some schools give from $1,000 to $5,000.

Your Studies
Student-athletes attend classes and study in the same way as all students. You'll be busy, but teachers and coaches will help you succeed. Teachers understand you have responsibilities as a volleyball player, and coaches understand you have responsibilities as a student. At most universities, advisors and tutors will help you scheduling classes and with your studies.

How Long Will You Stay in the USA?
It's your choice! Your scholarship may extend a maximum of five years. You may play in official matches for only four years, but at some schools you may study and train for one extra year. Of course, you may end your scholarship and return to your home at any time. If you are now a university student, we will help you determine is it good and worth for you going to USA or is it even possible to go because of rules. ( age, credits ..etc)

Your Expenses
With a volleyball scholarship, you'll live comfortably and have few major expenses. Your university will pay for your housing, food, books, and volleyball costs. You'll get extra sport clothes, volleyball shoes, and travel bags.

Student-athletes must pay for some expenses:

* The biggest expense for most student-athletes is airline travel between their homes and the USA. See Housing, Food & Travel for details.(remember some schools will offer to pay for your Air and some by new rules can give you money, so please ask coaches when you start communicating with them about that option.

* Most students must take one or two examinations to qualify for an athletic scholarship.
Those tests are SAT, ACT, TOEFL... There is not a lot of rules who should take which test.
Simple way to say it all NCAA schools (Div 1,2,3) need to take SAT or ACT (whatever you prefer.
And school will tell you if you need to take TOEFL. If you are going to Junior college some times you do not need any testing to do.

* Some universities will require you to pay $40-$200 to register as a student.

* To receive your visa to the USA, you must pay a government SEVIS fee (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System). In most countries, the fee is between $100 and $350.

* All student-athletes must register with the NCAA, NAIA, or NJCAA to receive a scholarship at a university or junior college. The cost is between $85 and $120.

* At some universities, medical insurance is a big expense. Ask coaches about it! Most schools pay for medical insurance.

* You must pay for your personal expenses, including cosmetics, telephone, non-volleyball clothes, and extra food (beyond your meals). Some universities give student-athletes extra money for these expenses. Ask coaches about it!

Remember to ask coaches two important questions: "What will my scholarship not pay for? What expenses will I need to pay myself?"

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