What will I get by subscribing?
You'll get 30-40 (first year) 40+ in future athletes who are willing to go to USA, study and play volleyball. You will get all there info (Address, E-mail, Phone #, Skype, GPA, Video, etc)

Who is filling up information and scouting? Coaches or athletes?
Coaches only.

Who pays for Volleytrend recruiting service?
Subscribing colleges, nobody else. That's who pays to subscribe, and that's who is served.

Who finds and evaluates the recruits?
Our 4 coaches, recruiters, who are in charge for certain area are going to make sure to give you as clear picture.

Does Volleytrend "place" athletes?
No. There's no favoritism. Volleytrend reports the same news to all subscribers, and each subscriber is free to recruit the athletes directly.

At what levels can the recruits make an impact?
All. In last 2 years we helped players go to top 10 Div 1, also a lot of players are playing in Mid D1. Some decided not to take SAT so they decided to go to Junior college and some got great offers from NAIA schools.

Do two-year colleges subscribe?
They do ... Top 10 schools in NJCAA Div 1 have 7 of our players we helped those players to find schools.

Is Volleytrend a full-time, year-round service?
Absolutely. Our 4 recruiters are updating and working with coaches 24/7 365.

Can I see video of the players reported by Volleytrend?
Volleytrend will make sure that every player post her video and we will make sure to share it with you.

What countries does Volleytrend cover?
There are no boundaries. Volleytrend has reported athletes from Serbia, Croatia, Bosna, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovenia,Hungary, Poland, Greece …etc

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