Follow these steps, and you may be on your way to a scholarship in the USA as a university student and volleyball player.

Step 1: Send your information to Volley Trend USA by filling in this application form.

* Volley Trend USA will contact you to ask for more details and to answer your questions.
* Next, Volley Trend USA might arrange to see you play to evaluate your talents and skills.
* After coaches read the report about you, some will contact you by e-mail, facebook, phone or skype.

Step 2: Learn about exams you must take to qualify for a scholarship (see Required Exams).

Step 3: Respond to coaches who contact you. Learn about their teams and schools. Please understand if you are sophomore or younger they will have to communicate thru us ( NCAA rules are in place and most of the coaches follow those rules ) So you can send E-mail to any school and you can call any time .. but schools can’t do that until your Junior year.

Step 4: REGISTER for examinations you must TAKE. When you communicate with coaches, ask them what exams their schools require. Coaches will help you learn about the exams, where to take them, how to register, and how to prepare.

Step 5: Continue communicating with coaches by e-mail, online chat, phone calls or skype. Ask if they will offer scholarships to you!

*Coaches will learn more about you and will decide if they will offer scholarships to you.
*Some coaches might travel to your city or town to meet you and watch you play.

Step 6: Take the examinations required by the schools that you might choose.

Step 7: Be sure you understand the details about the scholarship offers. Some scholarships might not include all your expenses! Ask coaches if you will need to pay for anything.

Step 8: You may travel to the USA to visit schools that offer you scholarship. Schools can pay your expenses for the visit! You don't need to visit University, but it can help you pick your future school.

Step 9: Decide what university or college you will attend. Sign the Letter of Intent (contract) to accept your scholarship as a student and volleyball player.

Step 10: Prepare the documents required by your school, and obtain your visa (the school will help you with this). Then go to the USA!

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